Thursday, January 10, 2008

Test Cricket

In the recent times there has been huge talk going on cricket game and its future. The most commonly asked question is “Why cricket is not so popular as other games like Soccer”. Some efforts are also made to popularize it by introducing the Twenty20 cup.

The question that comes to my mind is why is cricket game compared to sport like soccer when there are so many other games to be compared with. Some of them being Nascar, Baseball or the American football. Which are played mostly by one and only country united states of America. None of the Americans are worried saying that these games are not followed by other countries and no effort is being made to popularize these games in any other country.

For me Test Cricket is still the best form of the game. When compared to the new form of cricket Twenty20, test cricket brings out the best skills for display player than the hit out game of Twenty20. For even today test cricket and the one day international games are very much popular in test playing countries and generates money and also provides entertainment. Cricket is game of patients and skill, which can be seen in test match than any other form of the match.

I would rather say still twenty20 games can never bring the best in cricket, rather it would change the whole cricket game and the actual cricket game would be lost.


Shankar said...
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Shankar said...

Firstly, cricket can't be compared to Nascar or baseball simply because of the pathetic attention domestic cricket gets in India. Money flows in only for international cricket and ofcourse, if one of the teams happens to be India.
The future of a game rests solely on the support it gets from people. Unfortunately, the "puristic" form of cricket bestowed on us by our colonial rulers is left with little appeal among people who can ill-afford to spend 5 days watching a game, whose result in most cases is known on the second day itself. The introduction of Twenty20 format shows that this ground reality has sunk in for the ICC. There is little doubt that Twenty20 will take over the reins from ODIs just like Test cricket made way for ODIs two decades ago