Saturday, July 14, 2007

Master Blaster

Who says Master Blaster should retire? Seeing the way he is playing now in England on one can say that he is out of form.

Sachin is still the greatest batsman for India . Many have been thinking that he must retire. Even if we think that he should retire, have we found a some one who can replace him? I think there is no one out there in the whole country who could replace him. There is no one currently an in form batsman(younger one) in the team who can play up to the way Sachin is playing now ( not to the best of his form) . When the situation is like this how can some one expect Sachin to retire. Without hesitation I will say for sure Indian cricket will go for dogs if he retires with the current Indian team. Putting it the other way , I will be happy to see Sachin retire from his game when India have found at least some promising young cricketers.

Sachin may not be playing the way he used to play in 1990's . But even tough he is not playing to the best , he is still the one among the top three run getters for India in the resent past. If we see the records he averages 41.x in one days in the year 2006 and also was the second highest run getter in that calender year. I would love to see this Cricketing GOD in the international arena for another couple of years at least.

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