Saturday, May 19, 2007

Orkut Community

Orkut , an online community for people to stay in touch with distant ones and also to makes onces social life more active, has no doubt been a great contribution to the modern society where people live far from family relatives and friends. But there is one thing that always pricks me and for which I had thought about to write an article for quit some time. Today found some time to put it on paper.

I came across many communities in orkut which are religious based , I am not talking about religions at higher level like Hindu, or Muslim or Christian , but I am talking about the sub castes that exists in the Hindu society. Even today , most of the people who are leading a very good professional life, have written in these communities such as "we are the most superior caste" , or "Our cast rules the world" etc. I also came across a couple of communities where there was statement that other communities should be deprived of certain privileges just because others are from lower caste. I was stunned by this. I would rather say these communities should come up with sharing their best practices so that other can learn from it instead of criticizing and creating disparity among the communities.

After having looked into these things I some times wonder is education really helping to get rid of some of bad evils existing in our society.


Kishor Narayan said...

I can't agree more with what you have said here!!! Seeing how Rajasthan has been burning for the past 5 days with dead bodies of 7 people kept on the national highway without even cremating them, it just goes to show, how much of importance is given to caste/community by the ordinary man in India. The communities in Orkut isn't the only way they propagate!! This is just an extension!!! The real danger is out there in the open, probably in everyone of us!!!

Chelseazvkp said...

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